Hi. So I'm Australorp (it's not my real name, but still), and this is obviously my blog. In this blog I'll be showcasing creations for sims 3 made by me. ... That is, when I feel like it and happen to have time.

I used to love playing sims all the time but patches kind of destroyed my game, so I don't play it as often as I would like. When I first got sims the best part for me was controlling and playing the families and sims I made, but after a while (once I got stuck into the vast ocean of CC) I enjoyed making sims and building houses more than actually playing.

My friend and I writing a legacy together, although at the moment we are trying to get the game up to speed because the original game died. Typically. Here is our legacy founder:

HINT: Read it at Red Heads ~ Howling Destinies

Some sims I think are pretty cool. The first one is a sim I made to live in Lucky Palms. My second sim is going to found a legacy-like game of mine, but everyone in the town is going to be dressed in clothes from Supernatural. And the last sim is a vampire sim I made to test Seasons out with. I had to delete the game because that sim kept dying and she was just annoying me SO much. Still, she was cool.

My favourite male sim (who I made! :D) and a lot I was working on for about 10 months (at least) I will upload it one day. But I think the file size will be huge. O.o

Finally, I leave you with this beautiful picture. It's an interaction I plan to never use again, excpt for my own entertainment as I watch family members and friends wet themselves. :)