Thursday, 11 October 2012

Male A/YA Skinny Jeans for Athletic and Formal

Sometimes I don't like my sims to be too dressy when it comes to formal occasions, and I'd like my flexible, acrobat/martial arts masters to be able to train up their athletics skills in jeans. I mean, why do all our sims have to be dressed the same way? I'd like to mix them up a bit ... I wear jeans to family dinners and I wear jeans to athletics. And seeing as sims are just pixels (that we may or may not be attached to) I see no reason why they can't dress comfortably ... or ridiculously. Your choice.

So here are a pair of skinny jeans for adult and young adult male sims. They've just been recategorised to athletic and formal, so now your sims can look fantastic! Or ... well, not so fantastic. But never mind that! Here they are!




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