Friday, 4 May 2012

Fashion Pose Set 2

OK, I'm back with another fashion pose set: Fashion Pose Set 2! I know, I know, fantastic original name, please hold back your applause. But really, what else would I call it? Another Pose Set? Eh, I guess.

So this pose set is pretty much a continuation from the first one, except that the last one was all standing up and these ones are sitting/kneeling down. In order for these poses to show up in game, you'll need Pose Player. If you'd like to place your posing sims on any sort of raised platform, I recommend using OSMP.

Pose names are as follows:



  1. If you don't mind my asking, what skin do you use? :o It is really good. Could you provide a link, too?

    1. I use Ephemera skins NV1 pale, light and sunny. Unfortunately ephemera recently moved blogs and from what I've heard, all the old downloads weren't tranferred. This is the new blog here:

      But I do remember that the site Ephemera used for the downloads gave me some trouble, so I was able to download the sunny skin from mediafire. The Sunny skin is here: and the light skin is here: and the pale is here:

  2. Wow these are great! Where did you get the hair for your dark skinned model?

    1. Thanks!

      The hair is a conversion by Cazy, Sau Myos Hair 14. It can be found here: It's definitely one of my favourite hairs.