Sunday, 2 June 2013


So my computer is completely dead. I need to wait for a new hard disk, but that might take a while. I'll also have to install Sims all over again. It really sucks because I had about 5 pose packs that I was working on, and now I don't even know if they'll survive. I guess I can start again, but ... blergh.

So yeah. Maybe I'll just try and save some Sims screenshots and post them or something. Or write a story. Or something.

Sorry. :(

Friday, 29 March 2013

Fashion Set 3


Well, I hope you aren't too bored by yet another fashion pose set. But I was trying to watch Deep Space Nine, and there were so many annoying ads about the most trivial things, and so I decided to make poses instead of stabbing myself with a pencil.

There are seven poses in this set, instead of four. You'll need Pose Player by cmomoney. I found that Blender messes up the eyes if I try to get the Sim to focus on something that isn't straight ahead. So if a Sim has blobby eyes when they're posing, then ... blame Blender.

The first pose is pretty simple. I think it works best for showing off shoes, but the pose player objects in front of my models feet, so you can't really see much. My game crashed and it takes around half and hour to start up, so there is no way I could possibly be bothered to start it up again.

I remember if she had raised eyebrows under that fringe, but from the looks of it she doesn't. Oh well. Experimentation is good. :)

This pose is good for showing off pants ... and butts (if you're into that sort of thing). It's pretty good from the front as well, but again, crashed game and half hour startup. So ... enjoy.

Also a simple pose. Not sure what else to say for this, so blah blah blah blah blah.

I was flipping through my drawing book to find good poses that I've drawn some characters in, and found this one. In my book it's just a silhouette of a chick firing lightning out of her fists, and when I made it in Blender I realised that it looked pretty dumb. But in game I think it looks pretty awesome. And the shirt the model is wearing from the Diesel Stuff Pack is perfect for this pose. So if you have Sims wearing clothes with flappy/droopy/loose/whatever sleeves, what better way to show them off?

This one is also taken from a drawing, but it definitely looked better on paper. I think it's because my pictures always end up looking sexier than my Sims. :'( Also, blobby eyes alert.

Yet another drawing-inspired pose. The drawing was way more dynamic but trying to replicate that for the game deformed the Sims completely. It's not that it's a physically impossible pose, it's just that the mesh clips and that isn't exactly attractive in-game. Oh well. At least I got her hands and facial expression fairly accurate.

So, there you have it. Abracadabra. Fashion Pose Set 3 and hopefully the last I think of for quite some time.


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weeping Angel Pose Pack

I greatly apologise for the lack of angel wings. The only decent set of wings I could find (angelish-wise) had a lame texture. I also considered photoshopping them on, but then I can't be bothered. So yeah.

Don't blink.

Seriously. Just don't.

For these poses to work in game, you'll need the Pose Player by cmomoney. If Weeping Angels haunt your dreams, I recommend NOT getting this pose pack. (This is why I'll be promptly deleting the files from my laptop).

If you would like to make poor, unsuspecting Time Lords wet their pants, I recommend the OMSP by granthes.







And remember: the image of an angel is an angel. So don't give them wings. Use at own risk.